Monday, November 30, 2009

Unemployed thoughts...

Being unemployed has it’s advantages…it’s a Wednesday afternoon after all! Heck, if I may be bold enough, (and you know I am!) I have yet to come across any disadvantages, ummm, except perhaps the fact that you’re perennially broke but if you have friends that are willing to pay for your coffees and parents who are willing to support you, (if only for the time being!) life’s pretty much as good as it gets…ok, so you need to learn to swallow a little bit of your foolish pride (of which I seem to have none, which only makes the task a lot simpler!) On a philosophical note though, you should never be afraid of asking yourself awkward questions and should always be prepared for unwanted answers…life is a lot sweeter when you can live with the bitter truth. Hence, you will notice, I do not say ‘I’m in between jobs.’ I’m always, ‘unemployed!’ Once past this hurdle, you’re all set to have a gala time!

For starters, no one but you have whole and sole control of your two prized possessions, your mind and your time. You can actually choose to spend them for and with whoever and whatever you choose! With all the time in the world on your hand and your mind completely unoccupied by the worries plaguing the rest of humanity, you can explore the philosophical realm at length and on your own terms! Please do not learn philosophy from books, what the wise men have passed on to us through their written words notwithstanding. Explore yourself and you shall be enlightened! Think about it, no one ever attained enlightenment from a book, the enlightened ones have been the folks who have chosen to seek the answers to their questions within themselves and found God dwelling within them! Why then should we be subject to what others think? Why be subject to what someone else has thought or does think? We’re intelligent beings capable of independent thoughts aren’t we? So why read what others have gathered, from still others??? (Or at least that was my line of reasoning for not studying back in college…hasn’t been appreciated by the rest of the human race though…I’m still outta work!)

This is an extract from something else I'd written...

P.S. Oh...and I've been asked to give a heads-up in case there is more than one post in a here it is, there has also been another entry today that you might wanna check out...

On such nights...

On nights like these,
I wish for wings like geese,
So amongst the clouds I may fly,
On the winds, soar high...

On nights like this one,
Like horses, I wish I could run,
Over open grounds bathed in green,
Across rivers sparkling in moonlight's sheen...

Cause miles away from you feels so wrong,
Even yesterday feels like so long,
I'd run or fly or whatever else that I might,
To be with you baby, cause I miss you much, on nights like tonight...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bikram Wisodm

"Patience doesn't bear a sweet fruit, it just fools you into believing that the fruit is sweet!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Words seemed to have lessened!

I miss sending long smses...I guess people are too busy to read now-a-days...or maybe I've bored them with my incessant messaging...either case, I can't remember the last time I had an sms conversation with any of my old friends...I suppose that's what they call growing up!
I wonder why I seem to grow up slower than the others...

Friday, November 13, 2009

A song I composed! Now if only I could sing to save my life!

I cant see
What's going on between you n me,
I think it's love
But I'm not sure enough,
Of whats in your heart
Coz you only show it when we're far apart...

There must be something I can do
To show how much I love you,
I dont wanna go livin this way
All I want, is to be with you every day...

And I wanna see
What's going on between you n me,
Wanna know its love
And be sure enough,
Of whats in your heart
And baby, I never wanna have to be apart...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

So she says I'm weird...that I dont feel what others do...asked me what I'm jealous of...I gave it much thought and this is the only thing I could think of!

I'm not jealous
Of the kinda money you make,
Of all the goodies you rake,
Of all the parties you shake...

I'm not jealous
Of all the riches you enjoy,
Of all your big fancy toys,
Of all your popularity with the girls and boys...

But I am jealous
When to him you do swarm,
Shower him with your wit n charms,
When you melt in his arms...

And I am jealous
That I can give you no more than words like this line,
That I can't keep you for as long as the end of time,
That my love is not enough to make you mine...

I'd walk to you
Just to wipe your tears,
Hold you close
Till you're over your fears...

I'd listen to you
If you need to talk,
Or hold your hand
As in silence we walk...

I'd make a fool of myself
If you'd laugh at this goof,
Walk on my hands
Or dance on the roof...

I'd climb to the moon
Bring back a star,
If starlight could help
Heal your scar...

I know I'm human
I can't do everything,
But to see you smile
I know I'd do anything...

Saturday, November 07, 2009


You can know some people for a long time and think you know them...then one day they surprise you and suddenly, there is nothing else but respect in your heart for them.