Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elvis must be popping in his grave!!!

Saw this at a very famous and huge Music Store in Pune! Pune of all places!
~sigh~ Death of Rock'n'Roll! Pity poor old Elvis!

Some words for friends...

The days with you, now gone by,
Were among the best in my life,
As happy as then, I would never be,
For each dawn now, brings another day without you, for me...

Sitting in the bus, i can't stop looking back,
At the memories dumbo, not the road-track!
With a smile on my lips i reminisce,
Those days of careless bliss,
Like all good things that have a habit of coming to an end,
These days too, now seem to transcend,
All those times, you've made me smile or I've made you cry,
I realise I couldn't bring back even if I try,
I've let you know I'm leaving but I haven't bid farewell,
And I never will, for I love you and in my heart, you shall forever dwell...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Revisiting the Quad

Once again I come back to this place,
Familiar paths, my footsteps trace,
I sit down, taking in the sights one more time,
And the memories begin to flow, like a beautiful old rhyme,
The sound of footsteps and I raise my head,
My eyes seek out those faces but I see strangers instead,
I wish they’d walk in, those two beautiful girls,
The one with the flowing long hair and the one with those lovable curls,
Can’t see my friend ‘Patlu’ walking in,
Nor hear her say ‘Motu’ and then exchange a grin,
No more do I hear those pathetic, sarcastic jokes,
That left me in splits and stumped the other blokes,
All the swearing and shouting and histrionics now amiss,
Those inuendos, those puns, those word games back I wish,
The abandoned coffee shop that we occupied for hours,
In the 15-minute breaks, yeah I know, you’re wondering ‘15’ and ‘hours?’
But that was college life, the way we did live,
To have it all back, an arm and a leg I’d give,
The love that was given but more that was had,
The kind that’d pick you up, if ever you were sad,
And I miss my two loves, with their over-sized handbags,
How I long to hear ‘I love you Biks!’ now that my heart sags,
I wanna be embarrassed with one more hug,
I don’t wanna let go of this moment with just a shrug,
‘Patlu,’ 'Flowery language,' 'Punny guy,' ‘Curls’ & ‘Straight long hair,’
I’m sitting in the quad, wishing you were here…


"Nothing breaks you, like the things that make you!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anger, ego and then so much angst,
If only time could be turned back or I could be sent to the past,
Words I've said, things I've done,
Stupid, immature, dumb and more so cause they can't be undone,
Wonder why I don't like being told I'm all of these,
When I know I am much more, why does my humility cease,
I look back now at all the damage,
Through all the debris, for the wonderful memories I rummage,
Idiot of the first order that let it all be bygone,
Those who loved most, left shunned and forlorn,
And now in the mirror, a condescending stare,
To look in those eyes, I couldn't dare...


"Love is when you realise you could take anything you wanted but instead, give everything you have!"
Peeping out of the window, I see the summer creep in,
Hills now brown, that once were lush green,
Mountains laid bare, now I see them scarred,
With the paths that the gushing waters upon them have carved,
What was beautiful n pleasant not so long ago,
Seems desolate n barren, makes you wonder how so,
I shut my eyes, this doesn't seem right,
My lush green mountains, were my favourite sight,
In my mind I take refuge in the dreams of a memory,
Till such a time, when the rains have restored their splendorous glory...
In my dreams, I see that smile,
If only I could see it again, if even, for just a while,
I drown in those eyes, everytime I shut mine,
I wish they'd stare at me, if even, just one more time,
I'd do anything to be with you and hear you talk,
But once again I turn back from your front door, even now, I can't muster up the courage to knock...
I'm crazy as crazy can be,
Eccentricity, epitomised by me,
If I'm in a bad mood, I'll drive my car in thee,
So when on the road, don't dare cut across me...

In love with love...

Headrushes at her sight,
Just her thought that makes everything feel alright,
Can't differentiate dreams from reality,
Voices in my head steal away all clarity...

Lost, listless and just a little bit forlorn,
Between her and me, I lie torn,
I hate that she makes me feel this way,
Happy when I'm sad and pensive when I should be gay...

Euphoria, sadness, elation and the emptiness within,
Everytime I'm with you, that familiar sinking feeling,
Yes you're here and I can hold you now,
But I don't, I don't wanna be with you somehow...

I move afar and yet everything comes back to you,
Square one once again, like only I knew,
At once my weakness, at once my strength,
Healing old scars just to add new dents...

'Loving her to bits,' as only I can define,
Cause this heart loves to shatter every other time,
But maybe B's right, that's it's not her, her or her,
I'm in love with love, not her, her or her...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reminiscing the Life gone by...

Under the desk, a hidden paper plane,
As the teacher looks this way, innocence is feigned,
And as she walks out, the plane takes flight,
Then ensues again, the great paper fight!

Those hours in class spent seeking her gaze out,
Disappointed at those days that went by without,
A smile on the lips everytime she'd look my way,
Was for the teach in school and that cute gal in college days!

Flowers from pencil sharpenings held up proudly in craft,
Those red roses on valentines, hidden away cause it felt daft,
From riding bicycles real fast to race with friends,
To cruising real slow, cause the pillions a girlfriend!

Last pages of books filled with chats and games,
School or college, this always remained the same,
Written by us, on those last pages,
Tales of friendship and love, forged for the ages!

Lunches n tiffins, books and pens,
That the boys always borrowed and the girls always lent,
And somehow, none of them were ever returned,
And just like them, those days, now to the pages of memories have turned...

The Right and the Wrong...

Something 'bout you that makes my heart feel light,
Everytime that I have you in sight,
An emotion takes over that I no longer can fight,
You must be the wrong kinda right...

Just your thought that lights up my eve, noon 'n morn,
In every minute spent apart, for you I long,
I see you in every word of every song,
You must be the right kinda wrong...