Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some words for friends...

The days with you, now gone by,
Were among the best in my life,
As happy as then, I would never be,
For each dawn now, brings another day without you, for me...

Sitting in the bus, i can't stop looking back,
At the memories dumbo, not the road-track!
With a smile on my lips i reminisce,
Those days of careless bliss,
Like all good things that have a habit of coming to an end,
These days too, now seem to transcend,
All those times, you've made me smile or I've made you cry,
I realise I couldn't bring back even if I try,
I've let you know I'm leaving but I haven't bid farewell,
And I never will, for I love you and in my heart, you shall forever dwell...

1 comment:

cute n confused said...

as saif said in hum tum: life's too short for goodbyes!