Monday, April 20, 2009

Revisiting the Quad

Once again I come back to this place,
Familiar paths, my footsteps trace,
I sit down, taking in the sights one more time,
And the memories begin to flow, like a beautiful old rhyme,
The sound of footsteps and I raise my head,
My eyes seek out those faces but I see strangers instead,
I wish they’d walk in, those two beautiful girls,
The one with the flowing long hair and the one with those lovable curls,
Can’t see my friend ‘Patlu’ walking in,
Nor hear her say ‘Motu’ and then exchange a grin,
No more do I hear those pathetic, sarcastic jokes,
That left me in splits and stumped the other blokes,
All the swearing and shouting and histrionics now amiss,
Those inuendos, those puns, those word games back I wish,
The abandoned coffee shop that we occupied for hours,
In the 15-minute breaks, yeah I know, you’re wondering ‘15’ and ‘hours?’
But that was college life, the way we did live,
To have it all back, an arm and a leg I’d give,
The love that was given but more that was had,
The kind that’d pick you up, if ever you were sad,
And I miss my two loves, with their over-sized handbags,
How I long to hear ‘I love you Biks!’ now that my heart sags,
I wanna be embarrassed with one more hug,
I don’t wanna let go of this moment with just a shrug,
‘Patlu,’ 'Flowery language,' 'Punny guy,' ‘Curls’ & ‘Straight long hair,’
I’m sitting in the quad, wishing you were here…


M. S. Ahluwalia said...


Sneha said...

I can understand ki kitna miss kar rehy hou college life.
take care 'motu'.:)
have a nice day.
keep smiling and stay happy.

cute n confused said...

i wish i was thr too biks..i wish i was thr too...

The Devil said...

u hit a nerve man...completely understand what its like...on the verge of leaving coll too..after 4 sucks!

cute n confused said...

biks, meet my sis, a.k.a. The Devil..just FYI...
dont i just love introducing her! :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@MSA:> I'm glad you agree!

@Sneha:> Thank you! Needed that!!!

@PATLU:> :) *HUGS*

@The DEVIL:> Yeah it does...when i left coll after 4 years, i wasnt leaving behind anything, i had everyone and everything with, it's so much different! everything feels like it's being left big time!

@PATLU:> I know your that's your sis dear!