Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee @ Darios

Slightly overcast, the weather serene
A great July evening, in my good ol' town
With the soothing cool breeze, I took in the scene
Driving on the streets, with the windows rolled down

A great evening then, to finally meet my muse
A gracious young lady, who had me spell bound
I wondered if perhaps, a fable, of the beauty and the recluse
At the end of the evening together, we'd have found

In a cozy cafè, by a neat table, in soft candle-light
Our small talk snow-balled into conversation
Mesmerised by her beauty, I beamed in delight
Her charm n wit, working up a potent intoxication

Trying my best but I guess, always caught
Lost in the magic, her smile seemed to weave
A touch of romance, that for me she'd brought
And left behind, so little sighs for her, my heart might heave

As the evening drew to night, I smiled to me
A great first date, if I'd dare call it so
An abrupt end, no goodbyes...but perhaps, serendipity
And maybe, many such evenings, for us might still lie in store!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Magic of My Room!

My room's a little magical, at midnight
When I'm up, even after I've turned off the light
Everything seems indistinct, that in darkness is draped
I see just contours, that in so many silhouettes seem shaped
As my little mind then drifts, it dreamily plays
Weaving details in the shapes, coloring the greys
I slip slowly, to where reality, my mind gaily forgets
Into a world, that's more than just hazy silhouettes
And soon enough, they're alive, walking past me
Hey, wasn't that you that I did just see
I turn and follow you, onto the other side
Wondering if today, I'll have you beside
And then, half-asleep, I smile, in dreamy delight
As I realise, my room is after all, 'my' magical place, just past midnight!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A new cuss word!

How come 'hoarse'isn't a cuss word? I'm gonna start using it as one from now on'in sentences like
'Don't be a complete hoarse'
'You hoarse! Who gave you a license?'
'Hoarse! Where have you been?'

(Don't get it? Break the word and you get ho-arse! Definitely a good cuss word dont you think???)

Understanding the revolutionary

It was a lazy Sunday morning and with little of interest on the television, I tuned into Nat Geo and the documentary on Che Guevara.
Che has always fascinated me, not in terms of what he did or did not do but more in terms of the huge fan following he still seems to command. Whenever I see a guy in a Che print tee, I can't help but question his intelligence. Sure, he embodies a revolutionary that broke a lot of conventions but when you wear a tee, what are you trying to say, that you condone what he stood for? Which of course should mean that you understand his ideology and his stand against I assume you are gonna distance yourself from the great American dream. But wait, you are chasing it aren't you? And are wearing Converse, Nike and Levis...makes me wonder sometimes, are we dumb or simply hypocrites?

Friday, July 09, 2010

Dont clip my wings yet
I'm still learning how to fly
There are still worlds to see
Some that I havent even imagined yet

Dont tie me down now
I'm still learning how to run
There are still pathways to tread
Some that I haven't even the stamina for right now

Dont shackle me so soon
I'm still trying to walk
There are still pastures to roam
Some that I haven't the skill for so soon

Dont put me behind bars at this time
I'm still just mastering my crawl
There are still surfaces to graze over
Some that I haven't the strength for at this time

Dont do what you think I should
I'll break the shackles and you know I would
Let me dream the way I do, out of my skin
Let me free my spirit, that lies dormant deep within...

(Not my best I know but then whilst ill, I think a li'l concession can be afforded huh?)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Neighbourhood in Bombay...

'If you're my neighbour, I wouldn't even bother to peek
Leave alone the possibility, that in a crowd, you, I'll seek!'