Sunday, July 11, 2010

Understanding the revolutionary

It was a lazy Sunday morning and with little of interest on the television, I tuned into Nat Geo and the documentary on Che Guevara.
Che has always fascinated me, not in terms of what he did or did not do but more in terms of the huge fan following he still seems to command. Whenever I see a guy in a Che print tee, I can't help but question his intelligence. Sure, he embodies a revolutionary that broke a lot of conventions but when you wear a tee, what are you trying to say, that you condone what he stood for? Which of course should mean that you understand his ideology and his stand against I assume you are gonna distance yourself from the great American dream. But wait, you are chasing it aren't you? And are wearing Converse, Nike and Levis...makes me wonder sometimes, are we dumb or simply hypocrites?

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