Friday, July 09, 2010

Dont clip my wings yet
I'm still learning how to fly
There are still worlds to see
Some that I havent even imagined yet

Dont tie me down now
I'm still learning how to run
There are still pathways to tread
Some that I haven't even the stamina for right now

Dont shackle me so soon
I'm still trying to walk
There are still pastures to roam
Some that I haven't the skill for so soon

Dont put me behind bars at this time
I'm still just mastering my crawl
There are still surfaces to graze over
Some that I haven't the strength for at this time

Dont do what you think I should
I'll break the shackles and you know I would
Let me dream the way I do, out of my skin
Let me free my spirit, that lies dormant deep within...

(Not my best I know but then whilst ill, I think a li'l concession can be afforded huh?)


Ria said...

Lovely & profound words.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehehe...thank you but I'm not even sure whom that was for! I think it was more of me telling myself something!