Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Magic of My Room!

My room's a little magical, at midnight
When I'm up, even after I've turned off the light
Everything seems indistinct, that in darkness is draped
I see just contours, that in so many silhouettes seem shaped
As my little mind then drifts, it dreamily plays
Weaving details in the shapes, coloring the greys
I slip slowly, to where reality, my mind gaily forgets
Into a world, that's more than just hazy silhouettes
And soon enough, they're alive, walking past me
Hey, wasn't that you that I did just see
I turn and follow you, onto the other side
Wondering if today, I'll have you beside
And then, half-asleep, I smile, in dreamy delight
As I realise, my room is after all, 'my' magical place, just past midnight!


Ria said...

Hey so good to see a post from u. :) nicely written.

Sneha said...


cute n confused said...

niice!! past midnight coz thats wen u sleep? or coz thts wen the magic begins?in

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Ria:> :) Yup...was down with laryngitis for almost a fortnight, am better now and (much to my chagrin) back to Bombay...

@Sneha:> Thank you ma'am! You're gracious in your praise as always!

@Cutey:> Arre's supposed to be a fairytale feel! Like Cinderalla's thingy! Hence midnight!
(Though honestly, that was when the poem was written...began at 12 and finished at 12:20. Hence the play on midnight! :P )

Aarushi said...

This is wonderful poetry!! I enjoyed thoroughly...
Simply simple and enchating :) Write something like this again.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Aarushi:> Hey! Long time! Glad you liked it...but as far as trying to recreate something similar is concerned, thats difficult! It wasn't a premeditated thing, was just me putting what was happening in words...ah well, lets hope something as magical does happen again!

Aarushi said...

Well whatever it is you were doing here buddy you made night seem so magical, I almost forgot how horrifying it can be and how scared I can get! :P

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Aarushi:> :) Hehehe...well, I do hope the Boogey boogey Man has been laid to rest!