Thursday, April 16, 2009

In love with love...

Headrushes at her sight,
Just her thought that makes everything feel alright,
Can't differentiate dreams from reality,
Voices in my head steal away all clarity...

Lost, listless and just a little bit forlorn,
Between her and me, I lie torn,
I hate that she makes me feel this way,
Happy when I'm sad and pensive when I should be gay...

Euphoria, sadness, elation and the emptiness within,
Everytime I'm with you, that familiar sinking feeling,
Yes you're here and I can hold you now,
But I don't, I don't wanna be with you somehow...

I move afar and yet everything comes back to you,
Square one once again, like only I knew,
At once my weakness, at once my strength,
Healing old scars just to add new dents...

'Loving her to bits,' as only I can define,
Cause this heart loves to shatter every other time,
But maybe B's right, that's it's not her, her or her,
I'm in love with love, not her, her or her...