Monday, November 26, 2007

What??? Who is the editor here???

Have you had the displeasure of laying your hands on any of the special sunday editions of any the leading english dailies here? I must say, although i have a very open mind towards the views of the entire populace at large, i do not approve of what is being published in the newspapers these days. The content is not just dislpleasing, it is horrid!!!

Think about these topics that were prominently highlighted in the newspaper yesterday:
  1. F**K BUDDIES!!!
    What the heck? Getting into physical relationships with friends just for the sake of having a little fun? Alright, call me backward or whatever but I really do not think individuals who indulge in such activities could ever be able to pursue a successful meaningful relationship in their lives, PERIOD. For a newspaper to have highlighted such a pathetic article is downright shameful. I am all for freedom of expression but I am also an advocate for responsible journalism. Making whores out of your friends (male or female immaterial) doesnt quite seem to be a view that deserves such propaganda.

    But what the heck, to each their own right? After all, it's your universe. But please for God's sake, do not pollute mine. You wish to publish these articles, you are free to do so. Please use the adult magazines or at most the Sunday coloured magazine section for that if you must, not that space where I search for both news and INTELLECTUAL views from the LEARNED.


    Ah I think I have said enough. I wont comment on this one. This was a tad bearable but distasteful nonetheless.

For God's sakes, would someone please tell me where the editors come from?

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