Saturday, November 24, 2007

Have I finally lost it?

Theres a man standing outside my door today,
He just stands there smiling, with nothing to say,
I look in the street and there are no cars outside,
All I see are people on their feet who simply seem to glide,
The birds in the sky aren’t flying,
They just hang in the sky without even trying,
I look to the ocean and the waves are frozen,
The fishermen don’t wanna go in even though their nets are woven,
I look to my dog and he just seems to stare back at me,
Its as if something under my skin he does see,
For a second I wonder if I am really dead,
But I aint filled with a feeling of fear or dread,
I just wanna walk away from the room,
Theres something here that puts me in a gloom,
But then everything is suddenly back the way it should be,
The man outside seems to have been set free,
Was I imagining or dreaming it all,
Or was I finally losing my mind so small?

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