Thursday, November 29, 2007


Isn’t it the endeavour of all of us to try and understand life? To try to understand where we stand and where we are heading? To try and understand why we are here and what is in store for us? So many unanswered questions, so many inexplicable events, and of course, the eternal question of what is this LIFE…
I will not lay claim to solving this problem, far from it. I know these questions are perhaps going to remain forever that – questions. Inexplicable and highly complicated questions. The answer to which perhaps would only be as complex as that given by Douglas Adams. Then what do I attempt here? I attempt what he left unfinished – the questions that you need a super-computer to formulate, the answers to which might eventually help us understand the need for our existence, the purpose of any and all life. Please do not expect me to give you a sermon on these questions because if you were influenced by my line of thought, the whole purpose of self-realisation would be defeated. Understand well that these questions arise of my own independent thought processes and you are free to disagree with the questions. If you could formulate your own questions based on what I have to say, that would be the beginning of your understanding of life as we know it.

Q.1> Who do you think is the master of us?

Q.2> Why do you think you cannot or should not do something?

Q.3> Can you justify all your words and actions?

Q.4> Are your actions such that you need to justify them to yourself?

Q.5> Is this life anything more than a dream?

Q.6> What are the chances of that inexplicable spark leading to life actually resulting in what we have with us today?

Q.7> Can we afford to waste any minute of the time allotted to us in this dimension?

Q.8> Could death be the eventual answer to all our questions? Or is it just another unanswered question of LIFE?

Q.9> For all the happiness and sadness around us, what is it that affects us most?

Q.10> (My favourite…) Where is the centre of the Universe? (For those who have read the earlier post, you have an undue advantage!)

Q.11> Should you really be wasting your life by worrying about the little things and the big things?

Q.12> Should you really worry so much about the puzzle of LIFE that you forget to live it?

Q.13> Are LIFE’s questions answered in our thoughts or in our actions?

Q.14> Is it necessary to question our existence or should we find the answers by living it up?

Q.15> Was this questionnaire necessary to help you understand that you worry too much? That LIFE is not about asking questions or answering them but more about making the most of the time in your hands? That LIFE will not be solved by pondering over it but by LIVING it…

(I love the Safari advertisement…) Remember, the only one that can stop you, is you!!!


cute n confused said...

this is lungi ke side effects!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

no no...
it was more of a response to a friend who is questioning himself right now...