Thursday, November 15, 2007

more than that...

I am in love and I’ll always be hers,
But she don’t care, she loves someone else,
And then there’s this girl who’s so in love with me,
But spending my whole life with her, I just can’t see,
I have a dream that’s more than just a 9to5 job,
All this education can only from me, my dream rob,
I wanna move up in life and do so much more,
This time here has to be more than just a bore,
My generation is the future of the world and not just this nation,
We can hold higher than ever, just hand us the beacon,
But the older generation doesn’t understand,
They politic and use religion to get themselves a stand,
But I wont do it like everyone else,
I am not gonna let life take over and around me weave spells,
To put me in line with the rest and make it all mundane,
Oh! If only someone could understand me, I am driven insane,
No one understands what I am going through,
They just don’t care or know why I do what I do…

So after reading this, do you think a bond we share?
Do you think what we are going through I could have laid bare?
If you think we have something common in this rhyme,
Remember everyone was/has or will have been here at some point of time,
So don’t work yourself up, remember to take a pause,
Take stock and try to be more than just “A REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.”

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