Thursday, November 01, 2007

Of Bored Evenings...

Well I suppose you know by now that I have a weakness for the movies, if you don’t, lemme tell you that should anyone ever ask me for a movie, I cannot refuse. Well, more often than not, I am the one who initiates the plans. Today was no different and well, I really had an awesome time out with the guys. Today being a Wednesday was a holiday for me from the rigours of classroom teaching. Needless to say, I got up late, lazed around all day and then eventually in the evening when I decided my day resembled that of a vegetables, was moved enough to actually want to salvage something from the remainder of the day.
I was chatting online with Kappi in the evening and she told me she was heading for the movie “Shoot ‘em Up” tomorrow. Its one of those movies that have somehow skipped my attention so I was keen on catching it too. So I called up Rajiv and we decided to catch the 9 o clock show and Anthony decided to join us too. (uhh in case you are wondering, Kappi lives in Bangalore, thousands of kilometers away, so no, she wasn’t coming along for the movie.) Unfortunately enough, there wasn’t a single show for the said movie at either of the three multiplexes in the vicinity. Me and Anthony were hungry and really wanted to catch a bite. Rajiv suggested we head off to Café Leopold’s in town. Anuj was around town too so we told him to wait at Leopold’s for us. After grabbing a couple of beers, we headed down to Bademian’s for some grub and later walked down to the Gateway of India. Well, bang opposite the Gateway is the world famous Taj Hotel. Bang opposite the Taj Hotel was parked a BMW 7 Series. The four of us shutterbugs were posing outside the car when Anuj (upto his antics as usual!) talked to the driver in the car who was then kind enough to let us sit inside!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes… we sat in our first 7 Series today!!! That car simply is awesome! If I was not serious about the BMW being my dream car, I sure as hell am now!!!
Well, at half past midnight, we decided we needed to give ourselves a rest and head back to the hostel in time for CDG’s lecture in the morning. On the way back in the train, we had a pretty intriguing conversation about religion, politics and India’s partition. In three hours, we had had awesome chicken, great beer (which ofcourse is not something I can’t take credit for, yet…) seen two Bentleys, posed with a BMW, sat inside a 7 Series and had an intellectual debate. Ironically, my only productive activity since morning up until 9 in the evening, had been getting outta bed! Sheer waste of opportunity huh? Nonetheless, a truly eventful and satisfying albeit hot and humid, night out in Bombay.


cute n confused said...

bombay rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i told u so dude... :P

ANUJA said...

i soo envy u.. :( not fair.. u cant hav so much of fun without us!! u cheat...u gotta mak up for treatin us..n yeah obv movie.. needless to say "no smoking" :))

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Lehar:> Dear, i still despise your city!!! So what if i sat in a 7-series, it was a one night stand that i am not quite in favour of anyways! I get to drive my own bike and my own car in pune! I can head out on long drives with my old buddies, i can head off to lonavala for chikkis, to mahabaleshwar for tea...most importantly though, i dont have to lock myself in the bathroom for some peace of mind and solitude, i find it at an arms length wherever i go in Pune... Give up dear, I am never gonna like your city. I am in love with Pune and as a matter of experience, i can tell you i only fall in love once!!!
(Geez, Rohan is right! I do end up with long rants these days!!! Ah well...)

Anuja:> Yeah well, I am not as pleased with the BMW experience to warrant treating you to a movie! And hey, you are definitely invited on all of our excursions, tragically though, none of you gals are allowed late nights!!! Terribly sorry bout that!!! Dont worry though, life is a great leveller. Some joys that you enjoy, i am sure we couldnt even dream of!
(P.S. And hey, you know i dont smoke!!! :P hehehe)