Monday, October 29, 2007

Everythings Changed

Every things changed around me,
Every things changed within me,
Nothing remains untouched and pure,
Nothing remains certain or sure,
Can you sit around and stare into infinity,
Can you come and sit next to me for eternity,
Cause I really need to go back to what I was,
Cause I really need to remember I can still break those laws,
All I want now is to go back in time,
All I want now is to reach out with every rhyme,
Nothing remains but the seeds you had sown,
Nothing remains but now in my life a beautiful garden has grown,
As I grow I realize how much I have learned,
As I grow from all those times when for you I yearned,
And with time those wounds have healed,
And with time the love forever inside me lies sealed!!!
for all those who might wanna read into this rhyme, it's not a manifestation of my state of mind...
in these past few days i have been at a creative high!
you wont believe it but i have had these tunes running in my head and have tried giving them words now. this is my second one though by now i have forgotten the tune for the first!!!
in either case, i reckon they arent too bad... lemme know what you guys think of the lyrics!!!

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