Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chalk and Cheese...

We have a lecture which deals with “Values in Management” that is taught by a Guru. With due respect to both the management of the college and the members of the cult that our guru belongs to, I do not quite ascribe to the values he dishes out. If you know me, (which is a safe assumption now that you are reading my blog!) you know I am someone who delves deeply into questions that pertain to our existence (and am capable of coming up with the most ridiculous of solutions to rid me of boredom!) This lecture is quite a mixture of boredom and a challenge to my intellectual prowess and when he forayed into the eternal conflict between the heart and the mind, I could no longer take it. I inquired as to what the thought was the right mixture of using the heart and the mind when quite obviously, the two seldom seem to concur on any given debate. Well his response was that there is always a middle path.
To illustrate, he gave us an example of a diabetic who may either enjoy the “sweet” life or enjoy the sweetness in life by not indulging in such pleasures. He proposed that the best solution is to take the middle path and consume small amounts of sugar hence enjoying the best of both worlds. Well sir, you are correct but what would you suggest if it was a problem pertaining to love? (yes, yes… I did put it in front of him… you oughta expect that from me now!) I must say, he did dodge the bullet very well by arguing that we could arrange our love marriages. The “Middle Path!”
Well quite frankly sir, I must say it is the easy way out. If you keep taking the middle path, you aint getting anywhere in life. Like the rest of the millions and billions of Indians running in this rat race of life, the ones that walk the middle path shall end up right there- in the middle, of somewhere, anywhere and nowhere. I am not living this life to end up like those billions of also-rans who will end up nowhere but get those little joys in life. I am here to live life on my own terms and I want to live a life that is subject to intellectual impulse. My decisions are either based on logical reasoning (yes saurabh and rohan, I see you rolling on the floor with laughter…) or simply impulse (which form a majority of my decisions, I do concede…) To me, everything is as different as chalk and cheese. I am either on this side of the river or that, I do not wade in between. I am not someone averse to making a decision and neither am I one to shirk away from the repercussions of my decisions. There is room for both joys and sorrows in life, without one, the other is pointless. I have always lived on the edge at either extreme. I hate the middle road and those who would compromise on it… and I despise those lectures in Values in management. Like a friend of mine propounds (and what I learnt the hard way) do not preach or impose your views on others. The best way forward is to lay the options and let the protagonists decide for themselves. As I have for long said, do not spoon-feed. Let everyone think for themselves. Do not be a contributor to “The Death of Reason.”
Everything is as different as chalk and cheese. Both have completely different uses in completely different situations. Please make a choice between one of them and do not make a cheese cake with chalk (if you wanna eat it that is…)

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