Thursday, October 18, 2007

who am i???

Well, I suppose by now you are well aware of my dislike for Mumbai. I hope you know that the city and its people are changing me too as my stay in this city progresses further. And I shall tell you my dilemma here.
When in a small town like Pune, (although I prefer spellin it as Poona…) if a random stranger came to you for help, you wouldn’t really shirk away. In fact, more often than not, the people in Pune go out of their way to help even random strangers. I say this because I have been that random stranger at the receiving end of benevolence. And never have I ever thought twice before helping someone out either. I take it upon me to atleast hear out to someones plea for help and if it is genuine, I do make sure I help them. Then it could be a beggar on the street or someone who just met with an accident it would make no difference. And my 22 years of the finest upbringing in my beloved city are now coming to nought. The other day, I was walking down to the hostel from the railway station and there was a man lying there on the footpath. As I passed by, he opened his eyes and asked me something. I generally prefer walking with loud music in my ears crooned from my walkman so did not comprehend what he had just said and continued walking. Not a first for me because I have recently learnt to ignore the scores and herds of aggressive beggars on the streets of this “wonderful” city!
Then again, for some reason, I took a double-take on my decision and as weird as it may sound, I turned back and walked back to him. (much to the surprise of the both of us.) well all he wanted was help in getting a rick to a nearby government hospital cause he had fallen and apparently broken his leg. And no, he wasn’t very well off but was capable of fending for himself. He wanted absolutely no monetary help just physical help with getting up and getting in a ric. Have I really turned into such a Mumbaikar that I wouldn’t listen to the pleas of my fellow human beings? Have I become so self-obsessed and materialistic that I judge people on their exterioirs? Have I really become all of that and maybe more? I wont let this happen. I am not what I am turning into… someone drag me back to myself, PLEASE!!!


cute n confused said...
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cute n confused said...

no bkis!
tht is so mean. not all mumbaikars r like tht. u CANT generalize like tht. come on. and the others who r like tht r bcoz they r scared.bcoz weirdos frm all over the country come here and do crappy things for money.
why, tell me, if it is such a "horrible" place as u put it, does EVERYONE come here!!!!???
bcoz it has something for everyone, and thn some more.
bcoz it has a big heart.
tht opens up wen really needed.
example: floods, 26th july 2005.
example: riots, 12 march 1992
u had to be here to see it.
i was.
yaa maybe all mumbaikars r running, with no time in general, but thn thts wht the city demands bcak for giving so much.
as lungi sir said...u gotta give something to get something...
no one stopped to help tht man bcoz they all presumed (as u did) tht he's drunk and wants more money to get more drunk.
thts not mumbaikar.
thts human instinct.
kudos to u for comin back, maybe i wldnt have, but tht doesnt make me cold. it just makes me scared.