Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have for long noticed how much people are attached to both material posessions and addicted to several behavorial habits. I am not quite there cause the only things I seem to be addicted to are coffee and eggs (yes, yes you read that right... eggs... I am a big time eggetarian!)

All my friends here are always being asked by their girlfriends etc. to quit drinking and quit smoking. I say guys, ask the girls to quit using their cell phones or quit applying make-up!!! I am sure they will stop asking you perform these impossible tasks!!!

Well, I needed to prove to myself that I ain't as weak as the other mortals around me. Hence, i have taken it upon me to quit on two of my life's addictions. Have had no coffee for the past ten or twelve days. Lets see how long I can stick to this regimen. I am sure Ill crave in sooner than you think. As far as eggs are concerned, fat chance of craving in for that. Haven't had eggs since August I think... I think I have had enough of distancing myself from eggs... Will start again after this festive season is over I guess...

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