Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Whisky Theory

My good friend Sumesh propounds a very effective theory. I met these guys over dinner today and well, as most boys nights out would have it, there was a little booze involved too. Well, I suppose you know that when boys sit down to drink, they will all talk about the different kinds of whiskies and the exquisite ones they had most recently. The ones that merit discussion ofcourse are the ones which involve either a really ‘embarrassing’ tale about one of the guys in an inebriated state (alright, no wordiness… inebriated = one of the guys who was smashed enough to call up his dad at 3 in the morning to tell him he would be home before 12!) or about a time when the whole gang was stupid enough to get sloshed so bad they had to rent a room in the hotel cause they couldn’t even get the keys into the lock, leave alone drive a car back to civilization! or about a time when there was free booze at an office party and everyone drank Jack Daniels!
Well, this last evening was about all that. (you know what happens when I sniff coffee so don’t even ask me if I have ever had a drink!) sarcastic as I aren’t, I suggested these guys oughta drink Jack Daniels more often. (In case you are as ignorant as a woman about alcohol, lemme inform you that Jack Daniels are a very expensive brand of whisky.) all the others sniggered at the thought but not Sumesh, oh no… he said he would do that. I said he better be prepared for bigger holes in the pockets or bigger savings. Sumesh said he would prepare for bigger earnings! He said (and I quote) “you cannot get rich if you do not aim higher. If I aim at having Jack Daniels on a daily basis, I oughta be earning steep! Hence, I shall have Jack Daniels more often!”
Well that’s one way of aiming high wouldn’t you agree? Get addicted to the most expensive booze around so that way, you have to earn more and in the process get rich!!!
There you have it – The Whisky Theory!

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