Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Bik Hunting

Good Will Hunting remains one of my favourite movies to date. I love the whole concept of genius struggling with itself trying to figure out life and come to terms with what is at hand. It epitomizes how much all of us struggle to identify and understand ourselves and as they say, come to terms with life. Matt Damon is stupendous in his role and as ever, Robin Williams is fabulous and in whatever little his role demands, the writer Ben Affleck, is brilliant.

Ironically enough, I saw this movie and later in the evening was the subject of a counseling session with an old friend. (Yeah, there is someone who gives me advice too!) Pretty much on the lines of what Will is told in the movie, I was told in the conversation. For all my beliefs that I am brilliant and can accomplish anything I put my heart into, there is very little that I actually put my heart into. Maybe, I am not as good as I think I am or maybe I am even better but to find out, perhaps someday I need to make an effort at venturing out. I guess I am a little too far etched into a shell and my comfort zone. Perhaps there is a need to etch out my goals and lay a path for my life to take a course along.

Will finds his reason at the end of the movie when he steals his mentor’s line as the movie ends with the note “I gotta go see about a girl!” Perhaps my life too needs that but I guess it’s time I stopped waiting for something to happen and I started making something happen. Like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! One of those “LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS” here…

Unfortunately and rather ironically, VH1 is playing ‘I wanna be a rockstar’ by Nickelback in the background for me right now…


If you find me, let me know!


bluebutterfly said...

so i havent seen the movie and now it is on my list of movies to watch. the only movie which ever inspired me to actually go into deep conversation would be scent of a woman.
if you think its time, making things happen and venturing would be good.
btw thats one super awesome song !!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

wow, scent of a woman is something i haven't seen...something i need to download!
and i am trying my bit to venture out a little bit...but i guess it's taking a little more effort than i thought it might at first!
work in progress though!!!
and yeah, i love that song. more so cause "Nickelback" can actually afford to sing that after having accomplished it all!
damn, i am gonna do something like that someday i hope!!!