Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poems I need to Finish...

I am stuck in a writer's block!
There are a bunch of ideas for poems running through my head but I just can't seem to write anything...I'm trying to get myself out of this sticky spot and here is another attempt. These are ideas and titles that I have in my head and I'm hoping that by putting them up here, I can somehow get out of this block -

1. The day before tomorrow (Things I wanna accomplish in the future but am stuck instead, trying to fight the present!)

2. The Creek (Stuff I'm thinking of everyday when I look at the cusp where the river meets the ocean at Vashi Creek...)[

3. Oh Fuck! (This one's inspired from Osho's discourse and I kinda wanna put that idea in rhyme...would make for an awesome song too!)

And some others that aren't concrete life sucks!


Ria said...

i was wondering where have u disappeared!? Anyways, so u enjoying work life huh! :P

Anonymous said... happens ! Sometimes things dont work out the way it should .. am glad atleast you aer aawre on what to write on , atleast sooner or later you will write , but some people ( includes me ) dont know what to write at all !! So chill n enjoy life !! :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Ria-> Got assigned to a PC at I'll probably be back on blogger-ville!
Ummm...Just as soon as i can get over my writer's block!

@Dreamygal-> As my friends would tell you, telling me to 'chill and relax and take it easy' is really redundant and probably even harmful! If at all, me getting worked up and involved in something is actually a very good thing!
And yeah, my writer's blocks are pretty strange...they actually stem from me having so many ideas swimming in my head, that I can't do justice to any one of them...and then I mope about which one I should take up first! (Or atleast, I'm hoping that's what it is!)

Bluebutterfly said...

Oh, I hope you get around it soon enough because those sure are some interesting titles !!
Specially the song one ;p