Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

Have you ever looked at a couple and invariably wondered 'How the heck did someone like that end up with someone like that?'

Well, here's the explanation.

1. Beautiful people are narcissists...they cannot stand the thought of being out done by someone, especially not their better halves!

2. They love being the center of attention...and they know pretty well, that 'that' thing isn't really gonna get any luckier so they're assured of undivided attention at all times.

3. They're human...and obviously easily jealous. It's so much easier to be with someone who is so out of depth with them that they couldn't evoke any jealousy...a little pity maybe!

And a host of other deviant reasons.

But eventually, these are the happiest of couples...the beast cant take eyes off the beauty...I mean, if you can get as lucky as that and yet keep it simple, who needs to be beautiful, right?


Soumya said...

Good one. This proved why I fell in love with the beast :D

t said...


☆ Rià ღ said...

ha ha nice theory there.

Bluebutterfly said...

Ah, nice thinking !
But I'ld like to offer my two cents.
My theory is short and crude..

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Soumya: Ummm...could work both ways you know! There's this awesome little story I read somewhere. There was this middle aged lady that went to a dentist and when she read his name, she remembered one of her cute classmates from school had the same name. When she saw the dentist though, he was bald, had wrinkles all over and looked like he was 60 already. Yet, after her extraction, she decided to ask him anyways. So she says, "Did you go to XYZ high?" He says "Why yes I did! 1970 batch..." She says "Oh! I took the same class you did! Dont you remember me?" He ponders a while and then that old geyser says, "I'm sorry ma'am...but I can't quite recall...which subject did you teach?"

@t: You leave very little to go by don't you? :)

@Ria: :P It's what a lack of sleep does to you!

@Kriti: Hehehe...that too...but surprisingly enough, it isnt always the case! (Trust me...experience says so!!! :D )

Sneha said...


Angie said...

Its the theory of the reacher and in himym...
every relationship has a reacher(beast) and settler(beauty)
reacher knows he/she aint gonna get better than they have coz its beyond their league thus ensuring loyalty n undivided attention/love
the settler knows going in for someone at the same level or higher will involve competition, jealousy, insecurities, etc etc n thus settle for someone who loves them more than anything else in the world