Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sometimes we think we’ll be together forever,

That we won’t have to say our goodbyes ever,

But nothing in life ever remains the same,

And people leave for the same reason they came,

What remain though are their sweet memories,

To tell our grandkids, some great stories,

As we bid each other (not the last) farewell,

Hearts our heavy, and tears swell,

We shall grieve not though, rather find,

Strength in what remains behind…


bluebutterfly said...

oh ... so you are in that mood arent you ?
first the college corridors and now friends ...
hmm ... so you know its good ... real nice ...and nostalgic ..
i really do hope its not the last farewell though

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hey no...actually i still got a whole year of college life left to go!
it was just a manifestation of the mood some of my closest friends are going through right now...although i will admit, college life beats corporate life anytime!
and i am not one to say a last farewell...i hang onto all my friends...(touchwood!)