Monday, March 17, 2008

Please Comment!!!

I'm waiting here for you to speak,
My own thoughts now of repitition reek,
I wanna know what you feel,
Am I rambling needlessly or am I for real?

What I write does it make any sense,
Or is it all just immaterial in past, present and future tense,
Would you tell me what you think,
Or am I just that bad that I oughta sink?

Should I be writing thesis more often,
Or do my rhymes make your heart soften,
Do you even like what you are reading,
Or is it just nothingness that I'm weeding?

Please don't leave me guessing,
Say something cause your word is a blessing,
Don't leave me in a torment,
For heaven's sake, please do leave a comment!


cute n confused said...

biki biki biki....wht were u thinking?? or were u even thinking!! if u start sayin all this like i'm good or no wht r we lesser mortsls going to do!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

see my whole point is there are, on an average, 4 people reading my blog everyday... i am sure all of them have their independent views on what i say and put up. some may like it others may not. some of my thoughts may be provocative while others may be plain insulting...some may be indepth and others just plain opinionated... why dont people let me know what they are thinking? it would enable me to open my mind to a line of thought that i havent been able to account for!
i wanna learn and the only way i can is if someone talks to me! i cant learn if i ramble on by myself! for example, "the best friends rule!" did you leave a comment saying whether you found the rule as something that stood good or did you just find it to be useless banter? say something and let me know! also do you think my poems are good or do you think what i write as pages and pages of thesis is better? let me know! i am lost without comments from anyone!
and it isnt as if these people reading my blog dont comment on other's blogs... they do comment there but not here! why? there can be only two reasons to that- either i am terrible or i am so good that they are intimidated! why be intimidated here? havent they talked to me? am i not plain vanilla? and if i am that bad, why do they tell me i write well and come and read my blog often?
well whatever the reasons, i wish people would comment!