Monday, March 03, 2008

the music has stopped...

You wouldn’t know the pain I feel,

You wouldn’t know how much from our separation I reel,

For the past 8 months you’ve always been there,

My deepest emotions through you I always let bare,

I’ll miss the sweet sound of your voice,

Everytime I saw you, I felt warm and nice,

All those long walks together on the beach,

You were always within an arm’s length, never out of reach,

I’ll miss you dearly and I’ll miss you so,

Without you, every moment I’ll always feel low,

How’d I let you fall and shatter yourself I’ll never really know,

I sit alone, write this rhyme and sigh,

I’ll never be able to forget you, my sweet Sony Ericsson W810i!

Yeah, I dropped my sweet phone last night and let it shatter…damn, I’m really gonna miss that phone. The music, the features, the looks, the everything…and the fact that it was bought from my own earnings! Damn, the emotional attachment. Can’t tell you how low I’m feeling!


cute n confused said...

soome sixth sense huh, tht we were talkin abt ur phone getting concked the other day!
dun'll get better with time..(it as in the pain and not the phone)

Anonymous said...

Lol, for a moment looked as though you were talking about a girl (an ex-girlfriend)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

anonymous:> hehehehe...yeah, (p)un-intended!!!