Friday, February 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time I chanced upon a girl,

Eyes of brown, hair held in a curl,

When our eyes first met, she gave me a smile,

To regain my senses, it took me a while,

I was standing in the corridor with my good pal R,

He laughed his guts out, I was blushing the whole hour,

First time ever, that a woman had floored me,

That first time to me - an eternal memory,

Yet I never mustered the courage to go upto her and talk,

Gutless, with no gumption, to her never could I walk,

But then they say, fate can’t be withheld,

And one fine day, over coffee the cards were meld,

We got along like a house on fire,

Endless hours when she talked and I listened and neither did tire,

A best friend in each other, we seemed to have found,

In togetherness, our feet seemed to have left the ground,

Confidantes, comrades, partners in crime,

Together we were a beautiful, unforgettable, symphonic rhyme,

Years went by and by each other we stood,

Through thick and thin and whatever else that we should,

All good things do end, both of us had known,

We weren’t about togetherness, as time has shown,

Hadn’t known if in each other’s hearts, we dwelled,

So we both let go, when our hands we could’ve held…


bluebutterfly said...

aww... i was looking forward to a happy ending ... but it was so pretty .... every expression was like at just the right place ... great work !

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

ahhh...the end wasn't really as sad as you might imgigne!
and yes, i must agree, all the emotions were in the right place...and we still let go!

cute n confused said...

i really dont know wht to say biks.
ok 2 things:
1. u out do each last poem of urs in ur new one.
2. i am jealous of ur rhymimg scheme, and the way ur emotions flow along with the words.