Friday, February 15, 2008

New Shoes!

I am an eleven year old stuck as a 23 year old. I went out to buy a toothbrush and other such miscellaneous items yesterday. I saw a pair of shoes that I really fell in love with and without thinking twice bought ‘em! To make matters worse, the only thing I have seen since yesterday have been my shoes! When I walk I am looking at them, when I am sitting in class, I am staring at my feet! Damn, I doubt an eleven year old does something like this!
I really oughta quit this MBA program, I am not meant to be here… As always “ Right Place, Wrong Time!”


rahul said...

they are sexy....but i love mine too

Angie said...

nice shoes..really cool!!!

bout my writtin: ive realized wid time tht i manage to write only when im super emotional tht too not when im happy... my thoughts seem to flow thru my pen whn im sad or angry or depressed.. thts y none of my blogs are positive!!!
n since im short tempered my anger cools down as fast as it comes n in tht much time i cant write too much so my poems end up too short!!!
im always contemplating whether poems shud rhyme or not...coz on one side i feel rhymes r too kiddish n on the other i feel a poems not a poem without rhymes!!!

(im very fickle minded)
p.s:- u can mail me @

cute n confused said...
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cute n confused said...

lucky u!!
i'm a 4 yr old stuck in the body of a 24 yr old and behaving like a 40 yr old!!! now isnt tht complicated!!
umm...and..nice shoes?