Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Friends Rule

As 20-somethings, all of us have a circle of friends we call our best friends. Friends who we hang out with on a regular basis, friends who are invariably a part of your best memories, friends with whom you do the craziest things imaginable and friends whom you share your innermost feelings with. Invariably these innermost feelings are about that one woman that completely blows your mind off! Some are lucky enough to eventually get together with the said women while some others find themselves not-so-lucky and are eternally in pursuit of that elusive little word “LOVE.”

Recently though I have noticed a “de-coupling” pattern among best friends (yeah, the jargon is creeping in my writing now…but what can I do, I am learning the markets slowly but surely!) Pay slightly more attention to it and you will see the pattern emerge even in your presence.

“All best friends are never in a similar state of being single or going steady, at any given point in time, simultaneously.”

Oh it’s true, it’s damn true! Think about it, whenever you wanna hang out with the gang, if you are single, you best friends will get their girl-friends along or not come because they have “prior commitments” and if you are going around, at least one of your friends is sitting alone and sulking through the evening cause he is single! You end up making elaborate plans about the stuff the whole gang would do together once everyone is seeing someone but the day never dawns! And if there is just one guy in the gang who is going steady with someone, the day he breaks up and you think everyone is finally single, not one but at least two others would have found someone on that very day! It’s inexplicable! Try it for yourself and I’m sure you’ll see the pattern too!

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