Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Insignificance of my Existence

Just today, I was watching TV as usual and I came across an interesting thought. I was watching Oprah (yeah laugh about it but it stands…) and she narrated an incident where when she had just started working and had the opportunity of meeting a childhood idol in Mr. Neil Diamond (who apparently is quite a rage in Uncle Sam’s country but that’s not the point here) Now back then she wasn’t quite the talk-show celebrity she is now and was quite piqued about the fact that she came face to face with the man whose tunes she hummed almost all the time. Obviously daunted by his presence, she met him in his dressing room and followed him around with a plate of shrimps. Although he was polite the first two times, he got cheesed off on the third and told her to stop. Thirty years later, she had him over for a talk and she narrated the incident. I dunno if he was being honest or just plain polite but he said he remembered a girl who followed him around his dressing room offering shrimps but didn’t quite recall it being Oprah. Obviously right? I mean if he is as famous as they acclaimed him to be, he must encounter odd balls like her every other day. It wouldn’t be odd for him to forget the incident.
That of course got me thinking. I must be a schmuck to all the people who have met me in my insignificant speck of a life. I have done nothing extraordinary unlike Mr. Diamond (who is such a huge celebrity and today was the first time I heard his name! Imagine the chances that he ever hears my name. Not just in his lifetime but mine too!!!) So why would anyone kindle memories of me? It was supposed to be one of those defining moments that people seem to have when they suddenly wake up and realize their life isn’t going anywhere and then strive hard to make a name for themselves. Its called the American Dream, I think. So, did it happen to me?
Well if you have to ask me that question, you really don’t know me do you? It didn’t make a difference to me at all. I was more intrigued in trying to explore all possibilities of why people suddenly awoke to realize they were such insignificant specks all of a sudden? The answer is quite simple though. They harbor ambitions that are deeply rooted in dreams and one day they wake up to realize that the dream could be true if only they bother to make an effort. Kudos to all the hundreds among us billions who wake up to that dream and attempt at accomplishing them.
The others? They never wake up. In fact, most do not even realize where their potential lies and what they could achieve. They are so caught up in the drudgery of their weary lives they soon stop dreaming. It is sad but to all the people who are reading this blog, you too are caught up in that miserable fold of life. I know most are doing jobs but barring one guy, the others are just filling up the time that they have been allotted in this life. Pretty soon, you will be married and then responsibilities and obligations will ensure you never dream again. Life sucks, I know.What about me? I derive my happiness not from big houses and fast cars; I derive happiness from some rather abstract ideas. My happiness is not around me; it’s within me, in my hyperactive brain. That of course, is my biggest downfall. I lack ambition. I am satisfied. Life could have been a lot different but I wouldn’t allow for it. So here I am, writing dumb blogs and messing with minds. Just another insignificant life entwined in your significant lives. If you remember me 30 years down the line, trust me, your existence has proved to be as insignificant as mine!!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


Saurabh said...

Okay thats it. No more reading your blogs!!!


I dunno if this thought applies specifically to this post, but somehow hit me when I was finishing off reading the blog.
It goes:

"Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not, it is not the end."

Umm ... maybe it doesn't make any sense, but considering my life is as insignificant as yours (considering I'll probably remember you 30 years down the line - if I survive), it shouldn't make a difference. Right?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hmmm... of course its not the end if it has not worked out your way and even if it has, there is always something else to look forward to...
that is life and successful people or rather, normal people would always find somthing to spur on in life and live the next day trying to improve upon the previous day...
that though doesnt apply to me cause iv lost the drive to go out and achieve something new... id been thinking about my life on the way over from bangalore and i realised i was as happy as i had intended to be before dying. that really doesnt leave much to be accomplished now does it???

cute n confused said...

humri filmo ki tarah humari zindagi mein bhi, end mein sab theek ho jata hai...aur agar theek nahin hai to woh The End nahin hai....pikchar abhi baaki hai dost!!!

cute n confused said...

my shah rukh said it...dont u love him!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

of course i believe that its not the end if isn't all well! but what if all is well! is that the end? and if everything is well before the end, what is the end?
if everything is well without anything significant on my part, how insignificant am i?
am i really that unimportant?
if i am not, why am i important?
think about it!