Sunday, November 19, 2006

What I am Thinking When I First Meet You

A lot of my friends find me aloof and assume I am too full of myself when they first meet me (I really wonder what makes them change their mind later cause they pretty much hit the nail on the head the very first time!!!) I really didn’t wanna explain how my mind works but what the heck, I am facing a writers block (not that I assume I qualify as one but then I don’t know any other term to define a lack of ideas so…) and I really want to start writing to get over it now that a big headache is off my shoulders!!! Well anyway, heres trying to explain what I am doing in the first few meetings when you see me seemingly aloof and burdened by the troubles of the world (like that’s ever going to happen right?)
The first time I see someone (I mean with my eyes, not on a date or something. Heck, come to think of it I haven’t had my first one yet! There’s another future blog!) I try to assess the person in front of me and categorize them into three basic categories-

INTERESTING- Trust me, you don’t want to fall into this category because basically I think you are a moron and am almost looking for a reason to kick your sorry behind! These people are a lot unlike me and love to blabber no end on topics where they are better served in silence. I have learnt this the hard way and by now firmly believe you learn a lot more by listening than you do by talking (hence that airy look about me!) basically in the first five minutes or so, I have already seen behind that cloak they put up and pretty much know whether I want to meet you the next time in this lifetime or not. Falling in this category does not necessarily mean that I am not going to befriend you, on the contrary, I would be real good friends with you just to be around when you are making a fool of yourself! Hehe, I know I am sinister!

INTRIGUING- these are the people I find worth probing into because they have a certain mystery about them and more often than not, their lives are as big a mystery as mine (I know its not possible but they come close) I simply love these people because in the first time that I meet them, I am trying to establish a connection in our schedule to see where I can meet them the next time. They are the most pleasant conversationists and in time, I bring them into my inner circle of friends. These are the people I confide in very easily and talk to for hours on end eventually. However, these are the very people who think I am an airhead in the first time I have met them. So technically speaking, I create a mountain for myself to climb over if I wish to get closer to them. Stupid I know but it is imperative else a great connection cannot be established.

INTELLIGENT- These are the creatures I simply adore. They are smart, know what they want and generally do not perceive me to be an airhead. Although these are the ones I would love to surround myself with, there is generally little or no common ground between us to establish a connection. Ironic I know.

So there. That’s what I am thinking the first time I meet you. I try to form a first impression about the people I meet and have seldom been wrong about the first judgement that I have passed on an individuals existence. So if you met me in the last few days and found me keeping aloof you know why.
But there is no particular category that would define a requisite for becoming good friends. I tell you this because three of the people I hold closest to me were classified in the three different categories. It is only the roles I play with them that are different- to one I am a guide, a counselor. To another, I am the patient always looking for guidance and counseling. To the third, just the best conversationist he ever met.


Saurabh said...

Hey ... looks more like a matrimonial ad to me. Huh? ;)

Anyways, I know I am smart, I know what I want, but still think you are an airhead ... (so I think your INTELLIGENT category needs to be rephrased ;))

Hehe ... just kidding man (Couldn't help myself on that one!)

Quite an interesting blog ...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

yeah i know... it was written for a friend who gets very concerned whenever he introduces me to one of his friends and i dont exactly come out with the warmest responses...