Friday, July 17, 2009

I wanna be...

I wanna be what you look at, from the corner of your eye,
I wanna be what you think of, when you're feeling sly,
I wanna be what you do, when no one's around,
I wanna be what you hide, and wish would never be found,
I wanna be what you crave, cause you know it's wrong,
I wanna be what you fear, yet for which you long,
I wanna be what you lust for, in your darkest thoughts,
I wanna be what you can't let go off, though you know you ought,
When you're feeling naughty, on your lips, i wanna be that grin,
But most of all baby, I wanna be your greatest sin...


Saurabh said...


Did you actually write this?
If you did, I must say it is very, very intelligent!

Though it would fit the lyrics of an N'Sync, Westlife song :)
(He he .. those were the days) :P

Very nice (though in a song it will be very corny)

M S Ahluwalia said...


Sneha said...


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Saurabh:> Damn you think all my other stuff is terrible! Crap! sounds like a pop song to you?
Would this be corny in a song? Dunno...but i sure would love to make a video of it!

@Mohan & Sneha:> Thank you!

hulosona said...


too much man!! " wanna be your gretest sin" too good ..... :D

cute n confused said...

aaawww..biki!!!! why cant u take crash courses for guys who have no idea wht to say to be romantic!! ;)
i can think of "someone" who wld be forced to enroll!!! :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Hulosona:> Dude, you have no idea!

@Lehar:> Hehe...I'm not much of a romantic in person you know. It's all well and good when written about, reality is a completely different story altogether!