Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a Long Story!

I have an old friend B who has an old friend M. B and me keep meeting on and off and when we do meet, there's always a ton of things to catch up on... M is around on most occasions that B and me meet up and so he has a fair sketch of who I am...yet, M doesnt exactly know me all that well. We had a fairly engaging conversation on finance when we met up this time around and I guess he felt inspired enough to ask me,
"So dude, from Engineering to Capital Markets...long journey...how and why'd you make it?"
Now, I guess he was expecting some semblance of logic behind my decision to take up Finance but I guess, he doesn't know me well enough...although technically, if he knows B, he should pretty much know me, we're practically mirror images of each other...yet, he erred...
For those of you who do not know me, M would tell you, do not bother looking for logic in anything I do. Everything is done on impulse. M had to bear through a weird and long story (cut short for him, to as short as it possibly could get and yet took a good ten minutes to tell, I think!) Well, what can I say, it's my life! It has to be a long story! You have been warned!


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Ferrin B said...

hey birkam, i've changed my blog url to ferrysdiary.blogspot.com

visit me there ok?
you take care

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

the change has been noted madame!