Friday, January 21, 2011

Standing on the precipice of the unknown
Discomforted by what has come
Anxious for what will soon be gone

Dreams formed firm of what it should be
Apprehensively in love with what I did see
Nervous as hell, for I want to set them free

I find myself tied down by what is reality
Cautious with impulses of practicality
Confused by the fears and rigours of mortality

Though everything suggests I ought to otherwise
I'm gonna chase what in my heart now lies
Draw strength from the knots in my stomach and the butterflies

(The end, punnily enough, was thanks to the butterfly!)


Ria said...

The end was nice!! :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Are you trying to be punny too? If you are, I agree! The end, was or rather is nice!

cute n confused said...

lol... :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said... finally eh?