Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Favourite Lines By Me

For all those times we thought we’d be together forever

That we won’t have to say our good-byes, ever

We forgot that nothing ever remains the same

And people leave for the same reasons they came

Now things have happened

And times have changed

And we’ve learnt to look upon life

Like nothings strange…


Sneha said...


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Just been that kinda day...

Punam said...

Agreed yet disagree. :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Haha...which part do you agree with and which part not?

Punam said...

People come, people go - Agree.
Nothing's strange - Disagree.

Life can be very very strange, Bikram and I have lots to prove that, although not here. When you know it's the darkest moment of the night, and you give up, well, almost, something strange happens and you know you are not alone.

From what I read on your blog, it is yet to happen to you. But when it does, you will know.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

I have seen my share of the strange things. I dont think anything's strange anymore. I'm not particularly moved by any event, I just have learnt to take it all in my stride as a part and parcel of life.
But I do look forward to the day when I wont be alone! Fingers crossed et al!