Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been long since the butterfly had fluttered my way
In a little cocoon she seemed to lay hidden away
But at long last I spotted her today
By a small garden, in the middle of day

Still as graceful as I remembered the butterfly to be
Still a picture of unfettered beauty
I sat near and smiled with unabashed glee
That stemmed from the benefit of such jocund company

A bitter sweet nectar we feasted upon
As the mist of conversation was switched on
Reminiscing flights in times bygone
Dreaming of those we’ll make in tomorrow’s beautiful dawn

And the moments piled as hours passed by
Life’s turbulence that the afternoon did belie
Yet soon enough reality and evening drew nigh
As I stood and watched her flit away again, that flittering, fluttering butterfly


Ria said...

beautiful dedication.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

My 'dedication' towards poetry you mean?
:P Hehehe...