Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Letter from the Butterfly

And She Said:

"The mighty pen stands alone
its glory days are over
The brush with paper, the touch of ink no more
it stays inside its cover

The human speaks of numbers and words
that the pen knew not of before
There is a buzz of gadget, the glare of its screen
no bits of paper that rolled and tore

The fingers that held this pen with love
now do a tapping dance
There's a buoyancy in his fingers
but of its presence in the heart, there is a milder chance

The human may one day stop ignoring his pen
or it may become a bit too late
Till then, work, as men would like it said
keeps the pen in a lonesome wait"

But darling butterfly, dont you know?
"There was a dream once, 
worthy enough to be chased
And pen in hand, 
after it I'd raced
There was a dream once, 
that filled me with glee
And with words strung together, 
my spirit would roam free
There was a dream once 
and she gave  my life meaning
But she walked away once, 
whilst I was still dreaming
There was a dream once 
but when it lay shattered I asked what went wrong
And she told me, 
life is more than just words, rhymes and a song
There was a dream once 
but reality came calling
Said I was stumbling too much, 
said I was free falling
I walk with open eyes now, 
mindful of worldly viles and worldly gains
There was a dream once 
but of it now, only a memory remains..."


Aarushi said...

This is brilliant!!! Wonder why there are no comments!!
Especially what the butterfly said is amazing! In this day and age of computers and tabs...the pen needs to be remembered... and its so much more difficult for our generation because the transition has taken place right before our eyes and, somewhere, we are kind of torn between the pen of the past and the tab of today!!
I loved it Bikram!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

:) Yes, she does write well!
She was trying to goad me out of the self-imposed exile from writing. Been too tied up at work to write anymore though. Wish you could read some of the other things she has written but she insists on keeping it under wraps till her book is published!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...
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Aarushi said...

Since I now know the context... your reply is perfect too!! Thats a good conversation... very very good :)

You must write!