Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe we're here by meticulous design

They had a crisis at hand, no doubt about it. A matter of life and death...or perhaps, at the end of a quest having figured out everything about life and death. Millennia of evolution had finally led to this point where they now knew how and why the cycle of life existed,  the point where every question that could be asked, had finally been answered. It'd been a day that had been looked forward to for as long as could be remembered and unanimously agreed upon to be looked at as the pinnacle of evolution, the crowning glory for all forms of existence.
Yet, there is always somebody with a counterview no matter how good the situation is, so why should this occassion have been any different? The lone mad-man who believed this day to be the bane for all existence. Who saw the realisation of ultimate knowledge as the end of all life, for if all questions had been answered, what would be the point of life carrying on any further? All life that did exist with the ultimate knowledge at hand, would live on dissatisfied and disillusioned. The point where wisdom itself, would undo all it had helped achieve thus far.
And his fears had been realised. There was a sudden and utter feeling of pointlessness. A calm that extended so deep, that all desire to continue with life had been lost. The world lay itself to decay in the absence of a dissatisfaction that drove life in pursuit of satisfaction.
But the doubter had been prepared. Before all questions could have been answered, he designed a world that would never figure out the ultimate truth. A world where the living were always dis-satisfied and eager to seek answers but all they'd discover were more questions. And he built that world far away from other prying eyes. As one world lay to decay upon it's own greatness, far away in great secrecy, the non-believer gave life a chance to continue, in one form or the other...
And even today, life flows in a continual circle and the living are eternally locked in the quest to find the ultimate truth...but to His greatest success, none can be found.


Ria said...

a bit confused, what is this about?? What question??

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Ria:>'s fiction!
How am I supposed to know?

Sneha said...

Jo bhi hai sar key uper sey gaya.:(