Monday, October 25, 2010

Pepeo - The Butterfly

Dull environs
And a chill in the air
Perfect ingredients
To push my mind away from here
Slowly I slip
To a world of my own
Amongst those flowers and streams
A presence that only recently I've known
She flitters and flutters
Gleaming in the soft sunlight
I sit down on the grass
Admiring the grace of her flight
She moves randomly
From one flower to the next
Pausing just occasionally
To let her wings rest
She stretches out lazily
To show off her colours, shining and gleamy
Then takes flight again
Assured that she's left me dreamy
I get up from my spot
Ready to follow her around
But in the blink of an eye
She's gone again, without a hint or a sound
I look around but reality tugs at me
And I blink back with a sigh
I'm left longing once again
For whence I'd see, that flittering, fluttering butterfly...


Sneha said...

Sweet and beautiful.:)

Have a nice day.:)

Ria said...

Aah nice one, took my mind off work for a while.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Sneha:> :)

@Ria:> :) Yeah, when I was writing this one, took my mind off work for a long time! :P
(And in case you're wondering, 'the chill in the air' in Bombay, is thanks to our's like being in Punjab in the middle of Jan!)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

ya're ma butterfly SUGAR- styll one of ma fav tracks.. ya poem reads well :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Jane:> Glad you liked it!