Friday, June 08, 2007

Long Day

Woke up this morning but I just cant get out of my bed,
Gotta get up but my eyes are still red,
So much to do and so little time,
I wish this life were all mine,
When I wouldn’t have to stay up late or wake up soon,
When I wouldn’t have to care if it were morn or noon,
If getting out of bed wouldn’t mean dragging my ass out forcibly,
If a morning jog would no more be “IMPOSSIBLY!”
If a long drive wouldn’t throw my schedule out of gear,
If I could walk to a movie just to bring me a cheer,
If I didn’t have to go and pay the bills,
If I could choose instead to climb the hills,
But instead im gonna have to get my routine underway,
Looks like its really gonna be a long day…

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Saurabh said...


So true .. so true ...