Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I would not mind Copy-pasting...

I pride myself in being able to express myself well in words. I love writing poems to express my thoughts, feelings, ideas or just imaginary situations. Hardly if ever have I needed somebody else’s words to express myself. Yet, there are two pieces of work that I wish I had written for the depth of their essence. They are universally applicable and at some point of time or another, everyone could use them to express themselves. I know I do.
The first is that eternal melody by Metallica, ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ In the recent past, I have bid goodbye to a score of my closest friends and also to my beloved city. The only words I can find are all encompassed in the song. I have said this to a lot of people who read this blog so I am sorry for being repetitive but I really love the song not only for its tune but also for the depth of its lyrics…
The second is a beautiful song by James Blunt that goes by the name ‘Goodbye my Lover.’ You only have to hear it once to feel the depth of emotions that he has so beautifully expressed. I know it’s a rather sad song but it fits me to a T.
So there, these are the two pieces of someone else’s work that I would not be ashamed of quoting anywhere.

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