Friday, June 08, 2007

Remember Yesterday

Im sitting on my roof all dazed,
Im looking at the forest they have grazed,
The ground in its midst is a mangle of concrete,
The mud path to the river is now tarred and complete,
No more muddy water puddles when it rains,
Run as you like, there are no more stains,
The rooftop opposite is empty now,
My friend up there is studying in the States somehow,
Theres a commotion on the playground all day long,
Its not kids though, but machines big and strong,
Theres a bunch of kids playing football on the road,
They aren’t allowed on the lawns cause its just been mowed,
Theres a young couple shouting at them cause they’ve been hit by the ball,
But it’s the same guy that used to play there when he was small,
The people are content cause the houses they live in are worth so much more,
They don’t mind the crowds and the traffic that turns their heads sore,
Hey, theres my old pal driving away in his car,
Doesn’t walk anymore, the distances seem too far,
Gone are the days when till midnight hide-n-go-seek we used to play,
I just sit around till midnight now and wonder if people still remember yesterday…


Saurabh said...


Awesome ... really well written.
[Puts his hands up in the end and bows down]


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

once again, i am gratified...
dunno what to say... your generosity with adulation is far beyond necessary. thank you nonetheless...