Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whatever happened to gravity???

(remember that time you were mesmerised by someone you thought was very special? that time when you were completely blown away by someone new? i do. this is my recollection of my mood in that first headrush of meeting someone new, special and wonderful.)
You were trouble from the very first day,
You had me stuttering in every way,
Mesmerized was I by your gait,
The smile, the talk and damn after just the first date!

Ever since your face has been swimming in my eyes,
Trying to concentrate but futile are my tries,
Since I saw you I have been walking into poles,
Damn, I wish I could remember all my goals!

The sweetness of your voice still rings in my ear,
My friend seems to be talking but his voice I cannot hear,
Someone please talk me back to some sense,
My heart is light and my head dense!

Beyond yesterday I cannot recall much,
I seem to have been enchanted by your touch,
It’s been the case ever since last evening,
It’s like I have found you and everything else has lost its meaning!

Suddenly I seem to have grown so tall,
Everything else just seems insignificant and small,
There seems no logic as I float away in absolute loss of parity,
My feet aren’t on the ground, oh dear lord, whatever happened to gravity?


Fangs said...


ok ok... well written....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

do i smell something burning here?

you would have loved to claim that as your own, i am sure...


Fangs said...

are you crazy?!?!

this reeks of mush, and bright flowers on a sunny day...

im a death and destruction on a dark rainy day kinda guy...

read my blog...

its never happy!