Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do you control your dreams or do your dreams control you?

Yesterday night, whilst i was sleeping i realised i had the power to control my dreams and see whatever i chose doing whatever i want but for some reason, i chose not to and as always, i chose to sit back and enjoy the ride!!! Ridiculous i know but when i thought deeper about it, i realised why i was doing it. Dunno whether i could generalise to include most of the human race but i could certainly vouch for myself. I hate being able to control everything. Its the same reason why i enjoy listening to the radio and why i enable the shuffle option in any playlist. It allows me to enjoy the ride with parameters that are totally beyond my control. I love not knowing what might happen next and enjoy living in a world of uncertainty where i am able enjoy the entire spectrum of human emotions.
I know i dont control my dreams and that my dreams control me... How about you?

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