Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The First Step

You know what they say, ‘Well begun is half done?’ I totally agree. I was in a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday talking about how to ensure success in your relationships and we discovered a few interesting results. The most important factor in determining the future of a potential relationship is the way you begin. At the very onset you have to be clear as to where the both of you stand and what might be the problems that you might have to face in the future should the two of you decide to take the plunge. You need to be clear about the course you are going to take and be aware that there is the slight possibility that it might not work out but at the same time be prepared to give it your best shot in trying to make it work. If you are wondering when would be the right time to discuss it and how you could know whether she/he really is the person that you are looking for, its not too difficult to find out. In the first couple of weeks that you have met someone, you pretty much know whether the both of you like each other or not. (Of course in this period you are also enlightened as to what the relationship status of that person is and my advice is that you steer clear of someone who is already committed no matter how well the two of you hit it off. Severe complications arise later…) You talk it out with them and make sure you know where the two of you are going. Leave it for later and it just might turn out to be too late. Clearing things out at the very onset avoids getting you into reading situations and what the other person just said. No amount of hints that are dropped can ever be conclusive enough so as far as possible, remember to begin well.
Advice of course is easier given than taken. Take me for instance. I will not be able to take that first step towards any woman. For all my accomplishments at reading others very well, I am a very bad judge of my own life. When I am friends with women, I really cannot read whether they truly are interested in me or whether they only wanna be friends. I could live with a broken heart but not with having lost a good friend. I suppose I am saying this because I am scared of taking the first step but whatever the reason, I am pretty sure, if I ever get into a relationship, I will not be the one who took the first step. I am too nervy for that. I guess that is why I still remain single…

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