Friday, May 18, 2007


When you break up with someone, what does it imply? Does it mean you are gonna part ways forever with the person? Does it mean you never wanna meet that person in your life, ever? Does it mean that all those times you shared with them are now gonna count for a lot of pain and suffering every time you recall them? Does it mean that there is gonna be a heartache somewhere deep in your chest that hurts so much you might eventually burst? What exactly does a heartache imply; pain, suffering and an incredible feeling of loneliness?
I tried figuring out exactly what made heartaches so painful and why exactly was it that we fell into such bouts of incredible loneliness and self pity. Was there anything to be lost in this period? Could there be anything we could gain from such an intense experience? (Weird how keep making weird observations at the strangest of times…) well anyways, I thought hard and long about it ( im not mulling over my thoughts for nothing after all) and I realized that like all the other intense phases in life even this would leave you with that immense experience that is both overwhelming and enriching at the same time. A broken heart teaches you how to appreciate the fragility of life, it helps you connect with your friends and most importantly it helps you truly understand the implications of that four letter word- LOVE.
I know, most people walk out of relationships with very sour memories and a lot of malice for each other. Some people though, realize that it had to happen and find a life long friend. In either case, everyone moves on to find someone new and when they do, they realize how much the heartache from that broken heart has taught them about handling themselves in the relationships. The sacrifices that have to be made and the space that must exist in the relationship so you don’t suffocate them (and in some cases, people realize they should have held on when they let go but lets not get there) Everyone needs a broken heart to be able to learn how to live. Its like the engineers say,
“Woh baap hi kya, jiski beti nahi,
Woh engineering hi kya, jiski KT nahi!”
Of course, I have to take things to every end of the extreme don’t I? After all, I did have a truckload of KTs in my engineering life. Wonder how many truckloads of heartaches im gonna carry…

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