Thursday, May 31, 2007

You can write about anything at all!!!

You know what? Writing isnt as complex a task as it is made out to be by so many people. Its really quite simple, for starters you could begin writing anything that comes to your mind when you come across a word. For e.g. NAILS:You could write about how much you bite your nails when you are nervous and then go on to describe some moments that make you nervous and you would have a whole short essay on it. Or you could even write about the time you whacked that thumb of yours instead of the nail you were trying to grind into the wall. Sweet revenge for the nail huh?
SCALES:Remember those little scales we used back in school? I bet everyone has some tales to tell about the downright stupid things we did with those scales. I remember we used it to make noise as we set the scales vibrating and passed them through the slits between the planks that made our desks or the launch pads for those spit-balls or as the hockey stick to play with your bench-mate or simply as a sword or to demonstrate static...
MICE:Your like or dislike of them. How your mother is absolutely petrified of mice and lizards. About that one time i carried one in my bag and let it free in my class under the desk of the only girl in class (sorry peeyushi, that was me!!!) and how she didnt get scared but the guy sitting behind her screamed instead...

There is so much to write. In fact, if you put yourself to it, you could form small passages with writing about just about any word that you pick out from the dictionary. Just remember to be a little patient and bank on your imagination and your memories... All the best with writing!!!

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