Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Between the Lines

I was reading through some poems that my brothers text book has and not that it was the first time that I was reading them but this time around, I was actually able to read between the lines and figure out what exactly was it that the poet was hinting at. Reading between the lines is not exactly something that I have discovered recently but the depth with which I am able to interpret has been truly refined in this past year. There was a beautiful poem written by some old poet about the spate of the human heart and the emotions it went through especially when in love. It was brought to my notice by some of the people I was studying for CAT with and although on the surface it appeared to be a very sober and lighthearted poem, the poet was able to convey many emotions by actually holding them back. I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you because I don’t have the poem with me anymore but it was amazing how the others didn’t seem to pick up what the poet hinted at. Upon a long and detailed discussion with them, I was able to enlighten them on my appreciation of the piece. I must say, even to me it looked dubious at times but when I had finished the whole poem, it couldn’t have been otherwise.
Right, now comes the important part of this post. If you are reading through my posts, try to find places where I am stating something without actually stating it. I know at times not everyone will be able to pin point them because I keep hinting at particular situations in individual lives hoping they would read it and understand but all in all, I am pretty sure there are quite a few posts in this past month wherein you would have guessed a lot of things I was saying without me having actually stated them or you having been involved. That’s reading between the lines.

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