Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weather Prediction

I know predicting weather is a terribly difficult science and no one has mastered it as yet. Especially difficult is predicting the exact day that the monsoons will begin. So many have tried and have always failed. Complex satellite imaging and what not has been used to try and predict when the rains shall actually commence but to no great accuracy. Terrible is the science. Wonder how many careers have been destroyed by delay in the monsoons from the estimated date. A miserable field to be in.
Of course, the engineers who have passed out from the UoP will know how to predict the exact date of the monsoons, the day that the skies will darken and the heavens will burst letting out the fury of the monsoons. An occasional shower a few days before is just a cursory glimpse that the monsoons will give you saying that they are nearby but the exact date is known to us engineering students of the UoP. On that very day, the skies darken so much that all daylight is seemingly wiped off. The heavens open up their abundance to such an extent that all power supply in our city is disrupted. Unfortunately for the students of the first year, it is a day of glum disappointments.
Dunno how, but the UoP manages to schedule the Engineering Graphics paper on the very day that all this happens and no it hasnt happened just once or twice but for four years running as per my observation. I still remember that day when i was a victim. I sat there in the darkness that the classroom was suddenly enveloped in as i was intently drawing up the most complex diagrams i could conjure, those flashes of brightness followed by the shattering thunder.
Nonetheless, should you want to know when the monssons are arriving in pune, do not trust the 2nd June date predicted by the met. dept. I would suggest you find out when the UoP has Engineering Graphics scheduled for its first year engineering students!!!

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