Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happiness costs money

Whoever said I couldn’t be rich with no money to spend,
I could do anything because I understand,
That life isn’t only about earning or learning to spend,
My most valuable possession is my mind.

To ask me to sacrifice it for you is unfair,
I wish to pursue my dreams, I wish to dare,
I cannot be stuck in an air conditioned room, I need the wind in my hair,
I couldn’t care less about expensive clothes, I would rather go bare.

I don’t want a big bank balance,
I’d rather spend time in a dreamy trance,
I’d rather not have just a fleeting glance,
At the kids but join them in their gleeful dance.

Why give up on that afternoon nap,
And instead put up with awful crap,
My lifes my own, to plot and map,
I wanna remain my own chap.

Im having fun and im not earning money,
A rich man at peace is a concept that’s so funny,
You cant buy it, that is for sure honey,
But strangely enough, happiness costs money!!!