Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You can't be at peace
If you're stringing words together
There's gotta be some strain
Tearing at every tether
You can't be in paradise
If its any good you're penning
There's self inflicted pain
That deep within you're hemming
You can't just be genius
To rhyme randomly in the middle of the night
There's a deep gash that you can't bury within
That makes you wanna wake up and write


Aarushi said...

I really like it :)

Bikram Snehi said...


Bluebutterfly said...

Dont remember the last time I came by.Some changes eh ?

But the good things didnt.

This is the truth, Sir put rather eloquently.

Reminds of something from the movie Rockstar actually. Meh, this is better.:)

Bikram Snehi said...

:) Yeah, has been some time since I saw you here! That's alright though, I haven't really been coming here much either! Growing up sucks!

And better than what was in a movie? Ah! Now you're just flattering me!